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Kazakh Authorities Say Terrorist Plots Uncovered, Two Suspects Arrested


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Kim Constable – Irish leader of NXIVM – jokes about working out in prison; shows results of badass workouts Kim Constable, 39 – one of Sara Bronfman’s ‘girls’ – is the leader of NXIVM in Ireland. She lives in Belfast and is also the leader of Rainbow Cultural Garden there. According to a source, she recruited at least one underage teen girl who was almost shipped to the USA with Allison Mack for the branding iron of DOS. Fortunately, the teen girl – with her mother’s help – escaped at the last minute. But not before there was a little violence and the threat of something truly sinister – which frightened the girl. I will tell more of that story later. For now, let us say hello to Kim. In addition to her NXIVM work, she is a vegan body-builder and sells courses on how to look like her. Her husband is a famous ex-athlete, Ulster rugby player Ryan Constable (46) who owns a sports management company. They have four children: Corey (12), Kai (11), Miya (8) and Jack (6). At one time, they all slept in the same 18-foot bed together. I am not clear where the Rainbow nannies sle

Friends in all the wrong places Striding past the glistening rows of duty-free liquor, watches and perfume, the two international travellers moved like men who could fight. Richard ''Gelly'' Gelemanovic had broad shoulders and a confident gait, while his companion, convicted heroin trafficker Amad ''Jay'' Malkoun, had a physique honed during his 16-year stint in prison. It was July 3, 2003, and Malkoun was recently out of jail, having gained public notoriety after being charged in 1988 as a key player in the state's biggest drug syndicate, which had been busted with $5.5 million of heroin. Amad 'Jay' Malkoun was described by police as 'a powerful standover man'. The federal police who were secretly watching Malkoun at Melbourne's international airport described him in a report as ''a powerful stand-over man … actively involved in the Melbourne drug trade''. The profession of his travelling companion, the man Jay called '