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FBI Must Disclose Existence of Social Media Monitoring Program The FBI can’t refuse to confirm or deny the existence of records pertaining to its social media monitoring program in response to an ACLU Freedom of Information Act request, a California federal district court said Nov. 18. The FBI’s response was inappropriate because answering the ACLU’s questions won’t reveal any specific means of surveillance, the opinion by Judge Edward M. Chen of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California said. The ACLU claimed the government was taking steps to monitor social media websites to track U.S. citizens and non-citizens as part of its “extreme vetting” of immigrants,... To read the full article log in. To learn more a


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Kim Constable – Irish leader of NXIVM – jokes about working out in prison; shows results of badass workouts Kim Constable, 39 – one of Sara Bronfman’s ‘girls’ – is the leader of NXIVM in Ireland. She lives in Belfast and is also the leader of Rainbow Cultural Garden there. According to a source, she recruited at least one underage teen girl who was almost shipped to the USA with Allison Mack for the branding iron of DOS. Fortunately, the teen girl – with her mother’s help – escaped at the last minute. But not before there was a little violence and the threat of something truly sinister – which frightened the girl. I will tell more of that story later. For now, let us say hello to Kim. In addition to her NXIVM work, she is a vegan body-builder and sells courses on how to look like her. Her husband is a famous ex-athlete, Ulster rugby player Ryan Constable (46) who owns a sports management company. They have four children: Corey (12), Kai (11), Miya (8) and Jack (6). At one time, they all slept in the same 18-foot bed together. I am not clear where the Rainbow nannies sl…